NetSuite Applications

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NetSuite ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) provides the core functionality that our clients require. NetSuite includes a full CRM module (Customer Relationship Management) as well as all the order management and inventory control functions.

NetSuite has built-in shipping integrations with UPS, FedEx, and USPS. It also includes integrated credit card processing with full PCI compliance.

In addition, NetSuite was built from the ground up with fully integrated financials including receivables management and payables management.

As a cloud-based application, users can run NetSuite from any device and anywhere. With a browser-based user interface, there is no software to install. You can access NetSuite from your office PC, home laptop, and even a tablet or smart phone.

NetSuite ERP & CRM+ Applications deliver:

  • Efficiency, Productivity & lower IT costs
  • Comprehensive Accounting & Finance.
  • Effective Compliance Controls.
  • Real-Time Reporting & Analytics Anywhere.

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