eCommerce Platform

Smart, Stylish & Secure - We work with clients to design powerful, dynamic, and flexible websites that look great and are easy to manage. Our back-office integrations eliminate duplicative work, while a consistent front-end design helps shoppers navigate, purchase and re-order products with ease and speed.

Content & Support - Our content management system lifts the burden of site administration and content updates. Updating SEO, merchandising products, creating dynamic landing pages, checking sales reports and more is simple with PSG Commerce Store Manger. Our staff provides just-in-time training and user guides to ensure your independence and success with content updates and site administration — no programming intervention required.

Modern Features - PSG websites are equipped with standard features you'd expect and much more: search engine Optimization, site content management, promotion engine, cross selling and up-selling, back-office integration, product merchandising, image management, and intuitive site design.

Let's talk about your current situation and future needs. Send us a note or give us a quick call at 330-726-6500 to get started.

Site Architecture/Administration

Simplify the daily hardware and software administration needed to operate an eCommerce website.

In addition to hosting, we provide a number of additional services such as managed backup, regular PCI scans, O/S patching, and constant monitoring of the ability for a website to be able to accept orders.

Integrating your back office/accounting and retail systems with your eCommerce site is not a problem with PSG.

Our platform will help you reduce the number of manual tasks required to keep your website current. Our software integrates with your other software packages. Reduced effort means reduced costs and a faster return on investment.

Simplify administration and operation of your site with proven business objects.
Even if it's not a standard option we offer, no matter what you need, we will customize the software for you.
Your site will get more traffic because our site architecture enhances your organic search engine placement.

Reduce phone calls to customer service by pro-actively notifying the customer through order acknowledgment, shipping acknowledgment, shipment tracking, and back in stock messages.

Automated triggered emails can be configured to invite shoppers back to review items left in their shopping carts or write reviews on recently purchased items.

Powerful, flexible reporting keeps you up-to-date on your site's performance.
Streamline your website with a responsive design and one code set that supports multiple layouts including phone, tablet, laptop, desktop, and beyond as needs change.
Increase the security of your processing environment with an integrated credit card check sum validation in conjunction with CVV capture (card verification value) and credit card encryption

Ability for the shopper to search product names and descriptions for any matches based on the search term. Results will be presented with the ability to drill deeper into each category.

Search results are presented in default order with an option to sort by: Product name (A – Z) or (Z – A) and Price (High to Low) or (Low to High).

Advanced Site Search function provides multiple upfront selection criteria for a search, suggested search terms and search redirects.

Control the default sort order for products within categories to allow for better merchandising for specific needs. The PSG Commerce Store Manager allows full control of the default sort order.

Hooks are provided to connect to Google Analytics.

Specify URL redirects in the PSG Commerce Store Manager, so you can track print media results without IT intervention or programming support.

Content Management
Our PSG Commerce Content Manager's Ad Campaign tool allows you to manage your own ad campaigns on existing pages without intervention from IT. Change your home page advertisements, promote closeout or special sale items, feature select products within a department, customize seasonal shipping messages, and more.
Create Dynamic Landing Pages (DLPs) to display custom content on your eCommerce website for pages like About Us, Customer Service, and more. Define layout templates in advance during your site design process and choose one or none. It's up to you! You are in control of creating these custom pages and have the ability to assign key words and descriptions to support SEO. Plus, you may validate and preview your HTML and schedule publishing start and end times for each unique DLP.
Upload, organize, preview, and manage files such as images and PDFs featured on content pages (DLPs) and in ad spaces on your website or in your transactional emails like order confirmations.
Shopper Experience

Empower your customers to help themselves 24x7 by providing easy access to general shopping resources, shopper account information and other tools. PSG will customize a solution that supports your operations and delivers positive shopper experiences.

Give your customer control by allowing them to view their detailed order history, reprint receipts, and track shipping progress. Plus, they can keep a shopping list, reorder items, specify a default billing address, manage a ship-to address book, and update account details such as username, password, and email subscription preferences.
Route customer inquiries to the appropriate staff and improve response times with our secure, efficient form design.
Allow shoppers to request a secure password reset 24-7, freeing your customer service team for other issues. Customer service can also trigger the password reset process from the back-end admin panel.

Bread crumbs allow shoppers to visually track their path through your website when using standard department navigation or search refinements.

Empower your customers with the ability to filter and sort product attributes and effortlessly navigate through departments and categories to products.

Shoppers will enjoy the "Search As You Type" technology that triggers a list of suggested items mapped to the item # or keyword.

Present clean, consistent shopper address forms with smart validation and instructional messaging regarding data submission statuses for quicker corrections and more conversions on sign ups, catalog requests, registrations, and order submissions.
Help your customers find your stores and retail dealers with our powerful, flexible locator that displays a full map showing all nearby locations in a specified range.
Product Merchandising

Manage all aspects of your inventory including product name, copy block, images, alternate images, department positioning, and marketing up-sells and cross sells from a centralized location. Products may appear in multiple display groups.

Flexibility to manage departments, categories, and sub-categories for product navigation. Create any number of product categories and sub-categories.

Build them in advance and activate them when ready to go live. Easily change the sort order to push the most relevant products to the top

Define multiple descriptions pertaining to a product to coincide with the detail the customer desires. This allows for the import of product descriptions, without restrictions on the length of the information. Detailed online descriptions reduce customer service calls.

Image control is often a key to a successful website. Too many sites have images in a variety of sizes, often on the same page. Our approach builds the visual consistency that shoppers like, making them more likely to make a purchase.

If you provide us with a single large image, we'll automatically create the product thumbnail, product page image, super large image, and a mini thumbnail for the shopping cart page. It's that simple.

Automatically remove products when they are sold out or below minimum quantity which increases customer satisfaction and eliminates the need to update web pages manually.

Plus, our out-of-stock/backorder options allow you to accept advance orders on the products that you choose and supports customer satisfaction.

Automated shipping calculations based on carrier by type (i.e. standard, two day, next day) and shipping zone/distance between warehouse and customer ship to address
Provides the flexibility to charge shipping based on carrier by type (i.e. standard, two day, next day) and shipping zone/distance between warehouse and shopper ship-to address for predefined merchandise bands.
Allow shoppers to accept a default delivery date or select a new one from a calendar view or a list of holidays. Effortlessly support good customer service by automatically confirming any changes including the approximate arrival date, shipping cost, and shipping method.
Allow your shoppers to edit a shipping address and save changes for future orders.
Shopping Cart & Order Checkout

Your customer can start shopping on one device and complete the process on another.

A permanent shopping cart is maintained from Web session to session.

Order level promotional pricing support.

Tiered $ Off Orders, Tiered % Off Orders, Tiered Shipping discounts, Tiered Buy $ level get Free Item(s), % off Department.

Promotions can be global, key code, or member special driven.

Automatically calculate taxes at the order merchandise level based upon the shipping address of the order.

Automate HTML order confirmations to shoppers after the submission of an order.

And reduce your customer service calls by sending a proactive, informational HTML email to a customer which permits the tracking of an order.

Both email messages confirm important order information for customers, while offering additional marketing opportunities for you.

Estimated shipping charges provided on the shopping cart is a good way to inform the shopper early in the process. This prevents surprises and frustration in the checkout process.

Shopping cart up-sell ability to market suggested add-on items based on relationships to current products and cart.

Give shoppers the option to place an order without the requirement of a full customer registration.

Secure Payments

Our Payment Relay Service (PRS) offers retailers a solid, affordable Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) solution.

PCI DSS is a set of requirements designed to ensure all companies world-wide that process, store, or transmit credit card data maintain a secure environment.

The size of the organization nor the number of credit card transactions does not matter.

Eliminate fraud and costly customer service callbacks. Validate credit card based upon type, prefix, and number of characters.

We remove all of the credit card data out of your backoffice system, the websites, and any other operational systems.

Allow your shoppers to purchase and redeem secure traditional plastic gift cards and eGift Cards. The Gift Card Engine (GCE) was designed so that your back office systems, eCommerce site, and virtually any other third party software package can communicate via a web service interface.

Plus, the data is real-time, secure, and shared by all the different applications within the enterprise.