Promotion Management Tool

The PSG Promotion Management Tool (PMT), designed to help multi-channel retailers maximize opportunities to merchandise and market promotions, is driving traffic and growing sales for our clients.

Popular promotion applications include:

  • Tiered % off orders
  • Tiered $ off orders
  • Tiered shipping discounts
  • Tiered buy $ level, get free item(s)
  • % off department

Our PMT allows retailers to design promotions based on criteria such as order value, product information, customer attributes, and shipping locations. In addition, exclusions may be identified in the criteria. Set up promotions in advance, selecting specific start and end times. And, run multiple campaigns simultaneously and/or concurrently.

The interface is user-friendly, prompting the promotion manager to define in clear plain language: (1) what criteria must be met for the promotion to be applied; and (2) what effect the promotion has on the customer's order. For example, when a shopper enters "HOLIDAY15" AND has an order total of at least $100, THEN the customer will receive 10% off the order and free standard shipping.

Retailers tell the PMT what and how incentives should impact a customer's item value and/or order total. For example, retailers may choose to affect the current price or other value such as MSRP, shipping price or order value. Other options include percent off, dollar off, and new price designation.

Choose from promotions that require a shopper to enter a code, or run global campaigns that automatically apply a promotion to an order or item when specific criteria are met. PSG also offers member-driven promotions where a customer who is signed in may receive a tiered % off an order, for example.

Review promotion campaign data and figure out what's working and what's not — and take action to create even better promotions for you and your customers.

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