Managed Application Hosting

The PSG Managed Application Hosting service is designed for busy B2C and B2B multi-channel merchants.

We refer to this PSG service offering as "Managed Application Hosting Services" instead of just "Web Hosting" for a reason.

PSG actively manages the daily operation of your website from a system perspective. We’ve been working with mission critical, enterprise-level software applications for decades, so we understand the importance of keeping your eCommerce site up and running.

PSG's Managed Application Hosting Services package offers:

  • Computer Hardware and Software (including OS & licensing)
  • Network Security
  • Application Monitoring
  • Network and Server Maintenance
  • Backups, incremental, and full

Let's talk about your current situation and future needs. Send us a note or give us a quick call at 330-726-6500 to get started.