Secure Payment Tool

The PSG Secure Payment Tool, or Payment Relay Server (PRS), is designed to reduce the difficulty and cost of Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance by using isolation. In essence, we remove all of the credit card data out of your back office system, the websites, and any other operational systems.

We designed the Payment Relay Server with the following guiding principles:

  • Provide the highest possible level of credit card data security. The difficulties of PCI compliance aside, we all know the catastrophic cost of a data breach of this kind. As difficult as PCI Compliance is, it does provide a good blueprint for securely processing sensitive data.
  • Reduce the cost of PCI compliance. PCI Compliance is expensive and time consuming. The burden on the merchant is very high, especially for those who do not have internal IT staff.

These are very complex business systems and most of their functions have little or nothing to do with credit card data. They are very dynamic systems that are constantly changing. This creates a very difficult environment for PCI compliance. Every change to the system, the network, the software, or the users are subject to restrictive PCI requirements because they are all part of the cardholder data environment. By isolating the credit card data and processing in such a way that it is not stored in these systems, we can dramatically reduce the scope of PCI compliance.

We’re very excited about this product because it offers a solid, long-term solution for our customers, providing a secure environment for our clients' PCI needs as well as a being very cost effective. There are other products out there that are similar, but we offer a set of features and delivery choices that make our product unique and desirable.

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