Gift Card Engine

The PSG Commerce Gift Card Engine (GCE) provides more purchase options for shoppers and boosts sales — without creating extra work or data drama in your back office.

We designed the Gift Card Engine (GCE) so that our clients' back office systems, eCommerce sites, and virtually any other third party software package could communicate via a web service interface. Plus, the data is real-time, secure, and shared by all the different applications within the enterprise.

With the PSG eCommerce Gift Card Engine, you can ensure your shoppers are able to choose the "perfect" gift for a family member, friend, or business associate — even when they're unsure of what to buy.

Based on your unique business rules, we handle application integration work to ensure your website and call center data are in sync. This helps you avoid duplication of work required to support the sale and processing of Gift Cards and eGift Cards.

Traditional Gift Cards can be mailed to a specified address with no additional shipping charges. Retailers may offer one or many different gift card designs for shoppers to choose from. Gift amounts may vary, with the retailer setting a minimum and maximum (i.e. $5 - $500). Generally, purchase amounts are deducted from the card, until the value reaches zero.

Virtual eGift Cards make a great gift for shoppers who are short on time or want to give the recipient choices. Plus, a time-pressed customer may choose to email the eGift Card to the recipient or themself for a quick print and hand-delivery in a crunch.